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Mr. and Ms. Perfect? They don’t exist.


Talking about love – falling inlove with someone to be exact is something everyone can relate too but not to those who haven’t found the right one. And this thought suddenly hit me. I had to share this to you, and that is why I’m making this post. A lot of loveless people, like me, have been complaining about the absence of someone special in their lives. Personally, I sometimes ask to no one in particular: “Isn’t it my turn to be loved?” It has been my hobby to look for a negative everytime I get interested with someone. Let’s say I’m interested with #1. I find this person fun to be with, smart, but then I realize, this person has bad teeth, or bad grammar. When I start to notice the negative, all the positive gets steered off to another side.

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The Start Of My USA Trip

It’s been 5 years already since the day I experienced the so-called “American Dream”. I hope you were able to read my previous post about the summary of the places I’ve been in United State of America during my internship because now I will start the first part of it. Like what I have said in that post, I will do a separate blog entry of each places and tell you the experiences I had. I know it’s such a throwback but I wanted to keep all this memories in my blog so I’m trying my best to reminisce and put everything into words.

Anyway, I stayed in Utah and work there for 3 whole months as part of the internship program. I will blog about my work there in another blog post but for now, I would all like you to know how I got myself to Bryce Canyon, Utah. To be honest, I haven’t heard of this place before but I still choose this state over the others because I was convinced by my close friend to join her in Utah instead of me joining the big group in Virginia. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made because aside from seeing and experiencing snow for the first time I even gain good foreign friends which I still talk to until now.

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Rey’s Birthday 2015

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I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It was like yesterday when my brother celebrated his birthday in The Palace Pool Club with his close friends from highschool, college and those friends he just met thru parties. His birthday was last June 18 and was supposed to post this celebration from last year that day but I was too busy with work that I end up doing it right now. Anyway he’ll be having another celebration with his friends and I’m invited again.

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