#REJwanders: Bangkok, Thailand (Day 01)

2016-03-25 11.27.34

It was last 25rd of March 2016 when my brother and I went on a trip abroad. By the way it was our first time to travel together since he likes to go solo alot. I have always liked to go to Thailand because I wanted to visit my Thai friends who I haven’t seen for years so when we decided to take advantage of the long weekend last March we booked ourselves a ticket in the said country so I can finally meet my friends again. Our trip was short but I believe we did a great job on visiting the popular places the country has to offer. The whole trip was arranged by my brother who did all the travel work like booking the ticket, hotel reservation, he took charge of everything while I just keep all our documents and travel needs with a little bit of helping regarding the places we should visit in Thailand.

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Neil’s Kitchen

2015-08-09 20.37.15 Facebook just reminded me that today last year this photo was taken when I treat my family for dinner because it was my birthday month. Thank you Facebook for reminding me!

Last year the Neil’s Kitchen was just a newly opened restaurant (do correct me if I’m wrong) so we decided to give it a try. If you live in South area you probably heard about this Instagram worthy restaurant located in Westgate Center in Alabang where you could eat Filipino food in a nice and pretty place you could definitely post on your social media. But if you still haven’t, let me tell you about some specialties you can order when you visit it for the first time. Continue Reading

Rey's Entry

Mr. and Ms. Perfect? They don’t exist.


Talking about love – falling inlove with someone to be exact is something everyone can relate too but not to those who haven’t found the right one. And this thought suddenly hit me. I had to share this to you, and that is why I’m making this post. A lot of loveless people, like me, have been complaining about the absence of someone special in their lives. Personally, I sometimes ask to no one in particular: “Isn’t it my turn to be loved?” It has been my hobby to look for a negative everytime I get interested with someone. Let’s say I’m interested with #1. I find this person fun to be with, smart, but then I realize, this person has bad teeth, or bad grammar. When I start to notice the negative, all the positive gets steered off to another side.

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