VLOG: Boracay 2016

Hi everyone! Before you judge, I’m now telling you that this video is as amateur as you think it is. Here’s a short video clip I took during my beach trip in Boracay hence to the title of this post. Sharing this video as a teaser for my upcoming blog post about this fun trip I have with my friends last summer. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy!

P.S. — No, I have no plans of becoming a vlogger anytime soon. My lack of confidence infront of the camera, my uninteresting life and my no talent in editing are the big reasons for it. Though you could still subscribe and like my uploaded videos in my channel. Thanks!

Rey's Entry

The Truth About Partying


Partying has taught me a lot of good and bad lessons. Because I attended high school in the province, I never really had the chance to be a heavy drinker or partier; but deep inside, I’ve always wanted to “live it up”. That once-a-year high school night was not enough for me to unleash my true self. It was only on the last term of my second year in college that I finally “bloomed”. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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#REJwanders: What To Ride in Thailand


In Bangkok, there is this three-wheeled taxi used by many Thai to easily get around the city, it’s called a Tuktuk. It is one of the country’s recognizable transportation and popular among tourists and visitors. When you want to experience what the locals do, riding a Tuktuk should be on your list because it’s one of the many experiences tourists try when visiting Thailand. Though I suggest that you should negotiate a good price first before getting in because I read a lot of article about their bad experience about how the driver ask for an over-priced fare in a short distance ride. I actually wanted to try Tuktuk myself but we decided to skipped this experience to prevent us from getting scam by those bad drivers.

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Where is Gendry of Game of Thrones?


“He rowed himself to the Philippines!”, “Nyah, he rowed himself straight to my heart!” lol!

Gendry is probably still rowingIf you’re an avid fan of the US TV series Game of Thrones you know what the rowing all about but in case you didn’t know, Gendry is a skilled blacksmith from King’s landing, bastard son of King Robert Baratheon and the only living heir to the Baratheon line left in Westeros. He last appeared when he escaped Dragonstone in a rowboat at the end of the third season of the series and rowed himself to King’s landing – and that’s the last time we saw him and that’s where the rowing joke all came from.

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#REJwanders: Bangkok, Thailand (Day 01)

2016-03-25 11.27.34

It was last 25rd of March 2016 when my brother and I went on a trip abroad. By the way it was our first time to travel together since he likes to go solo alot. I have always liked to go to Thailand because I wanted to visit my Thai friends who I haven’t seen for years so when we decided to take advantage of the long weekend last March we booked ourselves a ticket in the said country so I can finally meet my friends again. Our whole trip was arranged by my brother who did all the travel work like booking the ticket, hotel reservation, he took charge of everything while I just keep all our documents and travel needs with a little bit of helping regarding the places we should visit in Thailand.

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