Rey’s Birthday 2015

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I can’t believe it’s been a year already. It was like yesterday when my brother celebrated his birthday in The Palace Pool Club with his close friends from highschool, college and those friends he just met thru parties. His birthday was last June 18 and was supposed to post this celebration from last year that day but I was too busy with work that I end up doing it right now. Anyway he’ll be having another celebration with his friends and I’m invited again.

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Torch Greenbelt 5

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I have been to this restaurant many times already because they serve the best pizza in town! It’s a restaurant you just want to keep coming back and try all the dishes you see in the menu. The restaurant has wide selection of food, you don’t normally encounter a place where they serve Filipino, American, Italian and Japanese but Torch definitely serve them all. So if you want to try different kinds of dish in one sitting then you must try this place. The Torch branch we have tried is located in the ground floor of Greenbelt 5.

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Close Up Forever Summer 2014

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Because I missed out the last Close Up Forever Summer – It’s Now or Never, I will just reminisce the first time I attended this event. It was held in Globe Circuit Concert Ground last April 5, 2014 featuring some international and local DJ’s and artists. It was my first ever party concert so this event is a memorable one.

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How to Start a Good Conversation

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While waiting for my turn in my dermatologist I browse some old magazines found in the waiting area. I got interested in one article about “Talk to Anybody!” since it’s one of my insecurities. It’s really hard for me to start a conversation to someone I’m not really close too or someone I just met because I’m a type of person who don’t really talk much unless you approach me first. I also don’t like long conversation and be friendly to strangers. So, after reading the article written by Holly C. Corbett in Seventeen Magazine I got some ideas to help me out in starting a good conversation with someone. Since I took a photo of it for my reference, why not share it with you.

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5 Things I Learned While Traveling with Friends


My friend and I loves to talk about everything and anything under the sun and one of it is going on a trip together but it was me who can’t commit on joining since it’s hard to ask permission from my parents. I’ve been constantly invited out by her but I always decline until this trip. I was a little bit hesitant at first to ask if I could join my friend in Cebu but a little bit of me is confident that they’ll allow me since it was my mother’s home town. I did ask one lunch time, did a little convincing for a few days and I promised to drop-by my grandma’s house then I got that big YES from them.

It was a long bus ride going to the island. Bantayan Island is located in the west of the northern end of Cebu and its a roughly 6 hours drive from the city. I have been to Cebu many times already but it was my first time in the island and with just friends traveling. It was a short 3 days trip and while travelling with just friends I learned things that I wanted to share with you.

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